Break-out Rooms

St. Andrew’s has eight small rooms for groups breaking out from a larger session in the main meeting room. Maximum capacities of the break-out rooms range from 8 to 14 people. These rooms should be reserved at the time of booking the main room.

Please enquire about availability of larger rooms for break-out sessions when more than 14 people need to be accommodated.

L5 - Break-out Room271001199.78
L6 - Break-out Room271001199.78
G5 - Break-out Room1620019119.712
G6 - Break-out Room1620019119.712
G7 - Break-out Room1620019119.712
G8 - Break-out Room1611011.89.59.78
G9 - Break-out Room1611011.89.59.78
G10 - Break-out Room1611011.89.59.78
F3 - Boardroom162302011.59.712
F4 - Boardroom1618015.511.59.712
F5 - Boardroom161851611.59.712
E2 - Boardroom1619017.5119.712
E3 - Boardroom1619518.510.59.714