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Charities Supported

St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre is pleased to support charities and the dreams of their leaders, who strive to better the lives of others. Our large reception halls and dining rooms are ideal for charity events.

We would like to draw your attention to two organizations with whom we have a close personal connection with the principals involved and their fundraising activities. We invite you to learn more about their programs in case you know of someone who may be helped by them or you have support you can offer too.

Rebounders Canada

Rebounders Canada is a support group for adult survivors of childhood cancer. Often forgotten by the medical system, many survivors of childhood cancer face challenges in the adult world as a result of some of the life saving treatments they experience in the past. St. Andrew’s supports Rebounders Canada by hosting monthly events, annual conferences and fundraiser dinner as well as graphic and accounting support. For more information, please visit

At Rebounders, we salute Andrew Sprawson who identified the need to search for and bring together fellow survivors and in so doing to find ways to thrive, just not survive.

Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada

Having an eating disorder is not a choice, but a severe and debilitating mental illness and the toll eating disorders have played on young women and their families is immeasurable. To this end the Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada acknowledges the need for urgent attention and is committed to raising funds to be directed toward the establishment of residential treatment, transition housing and to support ongoing research and treatment programs for eating disorders. St. Andrew’s supports EDF of Canada by hosting events in Toronto.

At EDF, we salute Dr. Robbie Campbell, who has championed in Ontario the need for residential treatment and transition housing for those at risk from eating disorders.