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Copper Skillet Competition – Global Champion & Canadian Double Winner

Cooper Skillet Global Winner

UPDATE – APRIL 28, 2016

IACC Names Barrington Graham, sous chef at St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre, winner of the 12th Global Copper Skillet Competition. Barry competed in the Senior Category and presented a winning dish of black pepper crusted pork tenderloin with five-spice, maple duck breast; corn and baby potato hash, heirloom tomato, green olive relish and asparagus tips.

New York City, NY / April 2016.- Chefs from IACC Americas, Australia Asia Pacific and European member venues competed for the Global Copper Skillet at Convene Midtown East.

In the competition, the chefs were presented with basic pantry items along with a “mystery basket” of proteins. They were given 30 minutes to prepare, create, and present their creations to local area judges.

Cooper Skillet WinnersSt. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre has built its reputation on offering great meeting places in the heart of Toronto, an outstanding on-site IT and AV team, friendly helpful staff and exceptional food and beverage services.

The latter was recently put to the test when St. Andrew’s entered chefs in the both the senior and junior categories of the Canadian Copper Skillet. We are delighted, but not surprised, that our chefs came back with the two awards.

Barrington Graham, sous chef at St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre, took the Senior Category Canadian Copper Skillet for his winning dish of pan-seared trout, jerk pork tenderloin on a bed of warm quinoa salad and pineapple, pomegranate salsa.

Chef Alexsandra Lalonde, pastry chef from St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre, took the Junior Category Canadian Copper Skillet for her winning dish of spiced citrus panko crusted pork loin, pan-seared Cornish hen with a wild rice medley of carrots, yellow and green peppers and tomatoes in a white wine pan reduction.

St. Andrew’s Chef, Kyle McClure, speaks for all of Barry’s and Alex’s colleagues when he says, “We are proud of the way Alex and Barry represented the quality execution of the exceptional culinary team here at St. Andrew’s. We wish them well as they head to Arizona to compete in the North American Copper Skillet.”

Update – IACC-Americas Copper Skillet

Barrington Graham, sous chef at St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre took the Senior Category of the Americas Copper Skillet for his winning dish of pan seared salmon with mango relish and beef tenderloin with lemon and green onion au jus with creamy polenta and sautéed zucchini ribbon and honey mushroom.

More information on the IACC Copper Skillet

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