Purpose-Built Venue

Our venue has been built solely for the use of our clients. This means:

  • Every client has an equal opportunity to book the most popular rooms for dates well in advance. We offer no content or programs of our own which take priority.
  • Every design decision in creating St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre has been made with the needs of our clients in mind.
  • Our meeting rooms are carefully configured for clear sightlines, lighting control, acoustics and ventilation.
    You can expect a range of room sizes so we can best match your group to the appropriately sized space. We are always happy to accommodate your specific setup request and offer a range of break-out rooms.
  • Refreshment lounges are conveniently located just steps from every meeting room to allow groups to break as often as they want. This leaves more space in your meeting room for your own use.
  • Since we have no guest bedrooms, there is no requirement to book guests overnight. However, should you require guestrooms, we are within a few blocks of every major downtown Toronto hotel. Partnerships with local hotels offer special rates for out-of-town attendees.