AV Productions / Rentals / Sales

We understand the critical role technology plays in your meetings. Our clients are sophisticated, requiring the very pinnacle of quality and reliability. For this reason, we have placed an extensive array of audio-visual equipment at your disposal. Our AV team is dedicated to the success of your meeting, event or AGM; and complete satisfaction at any venue in the GTA or coast-to-coast through a cooperation with CenterStage AV. Please email for further details.

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Projectors / Displays
LCD/DLP Projector (4K Lumens)$225.00
DLP Projector (6K Lumens) - standard lens$495.00
DLP Projector (6k Lumens) - ultra-wide lens$1,125.00
DLP Projector (8k Lumens) - wide lens$795.00
LCD Display 20″$ 95.00
LCD Display 28″$125.00
LED Display 40″$195.00
LED Display 55″$325.00
LED Display 65″$395.00
LED Display 80″$750.00
*all 55", 65", 80" monitor rentals include 8ft truss with white or black scrim
HD 720p Document Camera$225.00

Basic HD SDXC Memory Handycam (with tripod)$175.00
Pro HD Sony Video Camera (with fluid-head tripod)$300.00
Basic Visuals Switcher$85.00
SD Seamless Switcher$195.00
HD Seamless Switcher$395.00
Pro HD Seamless Switcher (full blending)$695.00

Tripod Screens (6ft, 7ft, 8ft)$35.00
5 x 8 FastFold Front/Rear (16:10)$145.00
5 x 8 Dress Kit$120.00
6 x 8 FastFold Front/Rear (4:3)$75.00
6 x 8 Dress Kit$50.00
7.5 x 10 FastFold Front/Rear (4:3)$95.00
7.5 x 10 Dress Kit$70.00
7 x 12 FastFold Front/Rear (16:9)$195.00
7 x 12 Dress Kit$170.00
9 x 12 FastFold Front/Rear (4:3)$125.00
9 x 12 Dress Kit$10000
9 x 16 FastFold Front/Rear (16:9)$245.00
9 x 16 Dress Kit$220.00
10.5 x 14 FastFold Front/Rear Surface with skirt (4:3)$175.00
10.5 x 14 Dress Kit$150.00

Single Powered Speaker (with stand)$150.00
Dual Powered Speakers (with stands)$250.00
Gooseneck Microphone (discounted rates for larger quantities)$55.00
Wireless Lapel or Handheld Mic$150.00
16 Channel Digi Mixer$150.00
24 Channel Digi Mixer$195.00
32 Channel Digi Mixer$295.00
MP3 Audio Recorder (complimentary file hosting)$150.00

Audio & Video Conferencing
Polycom VTX 1000 (with two ext. mics)$200.00
Telephone Audio Interface (Clearone, Gentner)$275.00
Polycom HDX9002 VCU$495.00
Videoconferencing Small Meeting Package More$945.00
Videoconferencing Large Meeting Half-Day More$2,615.00
Videoconferencing Large Meeting Full-Day More$2,990.00

Internet & Computer
Wireless Internet Access (5Mbps/connection limit) Need more bandwidth?Complimentary
Laptop Computer (Win 7, 8, 10 with Office 2010, 2013)$150.00
Macbook Pro (with Playback Pro)$195.00
Skype Enabled Laptop (with external camera/usb audio interface for mixer connectivity)$245.00
Apple iPad$65.00
Laser Printer B&W$65.00
Laser Printer Colour$145.00
Basic Wireless Remote$35.00
D-San PerfectCue with 2 remotes$95.00
D-San Speaker Timer$150.00
D-San Speaker Timer with 4″ Display$195.00
Hardwire Internet Connection (up to 3 connections)$150.00
Private Network – Wired ($300 per additional days)$600.00
Private Network – Wireless ($200 per additional days)$400.00
Analog Phone Line$35.00

LED Par Can$45.00
LED Dimmer Bars$65.00
LCD Projector (logo projection, with truss)$295.00
LED Cocktail Table$75.00
Videoshoot Lighting (1 pinspot, 1 hairlight)$100.00
Custom Backdrop With Uplighting Contact

Miscellaneous / Staging / Drape
Flip Chart$25.00
Display Easel$20.00
Whiteboard Hanging (in-room)$50.00
Whiteboard 3x5 (mobile, on wheels)$100.00
Whiteboard 4x6 (mobile, on wheels)$150.00
Electronic Whiteboard$150.00
Overhead Projector$35.00
Pipe & Drape (various colours, includes hardware)$10.00/ft.
Bulletin Board$15.00
Note pad and pens$2.25 pp
Registration Phone$50.00
Tabletop Lectern$50.00
Executive Podium More$125.00
VH1 Podium More$175.00
VH1 Custom Insert More$125.00
Plexiglass/Acrylic More$200.00
LED Monitor Podium More$200.00
Motorized Podium More$425.00
Intelli-Staging with 8″ or 16″ risers (per 4ft x 8ft section, skirted)$175.00
Teleprompter (all day with tech)$1,450.00
Extension Cords & Power Bars (Very Small Rooms)$50.00
Extension Cords & Power Bars (Small Rooms)$150.00
Extension Cords & Power Bars (Medium)$200.00
Extension Cords & Power Bars (Large)$250.00

Webcasting – Standard Package Calculator$2,550.00
Webcasting – Premium Package Calculator$3,450.00

Technicians / Transportation
AV/IT Technician - Half-Day Rate (5 Hours) *minimum$375.00
AV/IT Technician - Full-Day Rate (10 Hours)$750.00
Delivery / Pickup (Downtown Toronto, Financial Core)$75.00
Delivery / Pickup (G.T.A.)$150.00
Delivery / Pickup (Canada-wide)Contact
AV Technician - Setup/Teardown$50/hour

Peace Of Mind Packages
S5, S6, M1, L5, L6, F3, F4, F5, E2, E3$100.00/day
L1, L3, L4, S2, S3/4, C2, G3, G4, F2, E1$150.00/day
S7, L2, G1, G2, F1$175.00/day
S1, C1, Main Dining Room & Garden Hall$200.00/day