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Video Conferencing

The video conferencing landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade, with many free services (Skype, Hangouts, Facetime, etc.) offering video conferencing solutions. Nevertheless, a traditional video conferencing solution still offers something that free services cannot compete with. The Peace of Mind of having a highly skilled IT tech look after all technical matters and resolving any potential challenges with prompt efficiency. Should anything happen with a free service, the time to connect with a support team across the continent could introduce unwanted delays to your event. In addition to the technical support aspect, traditional video conferencing solutions offer greatly improved HD quality visuals as well as audio quality.

At St. Andrew’s we can produce your video conference from any of our 26 meeting rooms, all connected to multiple gigabit ISP connections for ultimate failover, utilizing our mobile Polycom 1080p HD quality video codecs. These in-house built mobile platforms easily interconnect with our state of the art digital sound systems as well as HD visuals (projectors, LED displays) built into all meeting rooms for a seamless experience.

SMPAV (St. Andrew’s Multimedia Presentations Audio Visual) would be proud to manage your video conferencing requirements, either as a separate event or in conjunction with a meeting, presentation or even a webcast which can easily be integrated with a video conferencing component. Scenarios where presenters in remote areas need to present to a large web audience can easily be connected via video conference which in turn is re-transmitted as a web broadcast either from St. Andrew’s or at any venue throughout in the GTA or Canada.

This service includes:

  • Highly specialized IT tech on site for the length of the event (Half Day & Full Day Packages)
  • Sound system, executive podium & gooseneck microphone, 16ch digital audio mixer
  • Wireless Lav Mic for Presenter
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone for Q&A
  • Sony Pro HD Camcorder / fluid head tripod for large events with moving presenters (videographer highly recommended)
  • Polycom HDX Video conferencing equipment, HDX Mic Array / HDX EagleEye camera
  • 55″ LED to display remote video feed
Item Small Room Package Large Room Package
- Ideal for Breakout rooms, Boardrooms, Small Meetings, etc. - Ideal for Large Meetings, Training Sessions, Product Launches, etc.
AV/IT Tech (does not include videographer) n/a Included
Sound System n/a Included ($250)
Digital Audio Mixer n/a Included ($150)
Podium & Wired Microphone n/a Included ($175)
Wireless Lav Microphone for Presenter n/a Included
Wireless Handheld Microphone for Q&A n/a Included ($150)
Sony Pro HD Camcorder / Tripod n/a Included ($300)
Polycom HDX 9002 / HDX Mic Array / HDX EagleEye Cam Included ($595) Included ($595)
Seamless Visuals Switcher n/a Included ($395)
55" LED Display Included ($225) Included ($225)
Presentation Laptops (main / backup) n/a Included
PerfectCue Remotes n/a Included
Digital Recording / Cloud Sharing n/a Included
"Peace of Mind" Package Included ($125) n/a
All-inclusive Price Small Room Package Large Room Package
Length of Video Conference (hrs)   hrs
  $ 945 $

The video conference package does not include the rental of meeting rooms and associated food and beverage service. Taxes are not included. Additional equipment is available at standard rental rates.

Above rates are for point to point IP videoconferencing. An additional charge for ISDN and multipoint bridging may be required if other sites are using ISDN lines.

ISDN and multipoint bridging provided by third party vendor.