Wireless Private Network

If for confidentially reasons you require a password-protected, secure private network for your meeting, St. Andrew’s will provide your group with everything you need to establish a reliable and secure, high speed network for your exclusive use.

This service includes:

  • Pre-meeting review and consultation with our IT personnel
  • Access Points configured for private access
  • Dedicated bandwidth (100Mbps) of our gigabit (1GigE) fiber optic internet connnection
  • Complete testing prior to the meeting
  • Support for individual participants to ensure successful connection to the network
    for 100% of the attendees
  • Loan of wireless cards in the event one or more participants arrive with laptops
    that are unable to connect to the network
  • On-site technical support throughout the meeting,
  • Priority IT support service

This package is priced at $200 for the first day, plus $100 per each additional day (5 day maximum) for up to 120 connections.